Advice on How to Read Academic Papers

Recently I came across in what should have been the first academic paper I’ve ever read. As many other researchers, I learned how to read papers by reading them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong about this, because you end up developing your own method. The problem is that it normally takes a long time to come up with such a method. After reading the paper “How to Read a Paper”, I realized the approach proposed by the Dr. Srinivasan Keshav is in many ways similar to mine. It also gave me more ideas on how to improve my reading skills. Thus, I think this is a valuable resource for researchers of any level of experience.

I strongly encourage you to spend 10 minutes of your life to read this 2-pages super informative paper.  Have a good read!


Thanks to Dr. Levi Lelis for such a good reading recommendation.


Seminário: Panorama atual de Inteligência Computacional em Jogos



Essa semana estarei no ICMC-USP falando sobre IA em Jogos, PCG e ideias para ampliação dos estudos e pesquisas relacionados a estes temas no Instituto. Um dos objetivos é angariar alunos de IC e/ou Mestrado para dar continuidade aos trabalhos que já estão em andamento.  O seminário será na próxima quinta-feira às 14h e será aberto ao público. Mais informações podem ser encontradas aqui.

Questionnaire for evaluation of procedurally generated Angry Birds levels


Durinicon_256x256g my masters research I developed an evolutionary algorithm to generate Angry Birds levels and I would like to invite you to help me to evaluate them. You only need to play some of these levels and answer a few questions about them (the questions will be presented during the game). The game can be accessed here or clicking in the bird icon beside this text. I hope you enjoy the experience and thanks in advance for your help. Feel free to share this with your colleagues.



I am in Germany to attend CIG for the first time. I got a paper accepted there, so I invite who will be there to see my presentation. I will talk about PCG in Physics-based puzzle games. I am in Frankfurt right now, but the conference will be in Dortmund and it will start on next Tuesday (August 26, 2014).

Ein Prosit!

Hello world!

This is my brand new website, it was completely redesigned to be responsive for several screen resolutions. It contains the list of my publications, current research projects and games portfolio.


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